New Life

Hi, if you don’t know who I am. I am Ava I live in Ohio, and I have 1 dog , Zoey, I just got done with 4th grade. I have a family of 5, Domm is my sister. Aidan is my brother. My mom and my Dad. We are moving from the house I’ve … [Read more…]

A New Start

I’m a 4th grader now and these are the things you need to know next year. You get to switch classes this year You  have 3 teachers You have L.A  S.S and Math You have a lot of test per month They might play music every friday The principal is very nice


You need to follow the rules then you need to do the challenge then put my blog name in which is The things you need to do is to. 1.Follow what you need to do 2.Add 2 pictures 3.write/type at least 1 paragraph 4. have fun this starts on the 27th after school my goal … [Read more…]

I’m Back

I’m back and i’m staying all my friends are on to. My friends are on to so check on theres and make sure to check my teacher mrs.campagna.  Congrats on the baby evie she’s so cute can’t wait to see you again. Guys I  will be posting so much more!!!!!!!!!!


i’m so sorry i haven’t posted in a long time can you see this when i’m editing this i can’t see when i’m typing its working now thanks so much more post coming soon


My dog is clumsy have you ever heard of the game clumsy ninja? My dog is sweet my other post is My cat named Tinkerbell. My dog likes to cuddle a lot with me and my cat. We got her in 2013 right now she is 2 in a half   adopt your own virtual … [Read more…]