I AM IN 3rd grade I have Mrs.Campagna  I love math I am 8 years old i’m almost 9 I love to read I love books so much my faviort animals are Giraffes I have 1 dog 1 cat I used to have 2 cats but one just past away a couple months ago if you didn’t  now my name is Ava I  have a family of 5 I have a sister  a brother and a mom and dad my mom has 2 jobs she works really hard my family dose a lot for  me i’m glad they care about me so much I love school I love SOCCER SO MUCH! my brother is in 6th my sister is in the high school I have school this is my 6th year in soccer I have a lot of friends in soccer I met most of my friend in soccer I still do soccer now I got really good at it I want to do indoor soccer this year I will make sure that I update to tell you what I do during my life i’m so exited that i have a blog it’s fun having a blog i promise to update you on my latest things that i do  hope you love my blog i love to go on vacation i went to Florda and Chigo summer is the best time of year my birthday is in winter my faviort candy is twix it is so good i love hot cholet my faviort colar is black. My favioirt event is Cristmas to celebrate the gods birth I don’t care that I get every present
i want blogging is so fun I explore so much